Reviews from our Customers

Livi by far is the best option

Well I can’t say enough wonderful things about our Livi for my mother-in-law. We began using our Livi in Aug of 2018 after researching all option. Livi by far was the best option. It allowed her to stay in her home for more than a year longer than she would have been able to due to her Dementia and declining health. She now had to move to a Memory Care Assisted Living Community. I so wish we could have used Livi a few years before we did, as she was miss dispensing (wrong times, wrong pills, wrong dosages). We lived in a different state so the text messages we received from Livi when she dispensed was key to managing this process remotely. We knew the meds dispensed, the time, the amount remaining, and other information if we desired. We even knew if she unplugged the Livi (which she did twice! . . . it will run on its backup battery).Another key feature for us was the fact that you can load the same pill types in individual containers verses loading all of the different pills in day/date containers . . . big time saver. . . and up to a 90 day supply if the pills are not too big (if they are you can use a second container). That was so important because we had to depend on our Son and Daughter-in-law to load the pills for her. The technical support for Livi was outstanding . . . they were always there for us to answer any questions. Bill & Deanna Kroeger

Bill & Deanna Kroeger
November 11, 2019
I cannot say enough good things about your product, company, and team

Our entire experience with LIVI, from talking with representatives on the phone, to the onsite demonstration, to implementation of LIVI, has been outstanding. The care and support we have received has been above and beyond my expectations and your technical support team is phenomenal. David is super responsive and helpful; we’ve had many technical challenges on our end, which I contribute to the high number of staff using LIVI in our group homes. David always takes times to work through the issues with us – he not only talks through the issues on the phone but sends troubleshooting documents, which is a major help to those of us that are technically challenged. These tools have assisted our managers to be more aware of what to do when issues arise and they are calling our higher level managers less because they are educated on how to resolve the issues independently. David also follows up on issues that we’ve worked through to ensure the problems are resolved and if they are not – he takes the time to trouble shoot with us again. It is very rare to have that level of follow-up with a company and I truly appreciate his attentiveness and support. David is extremely patient and thorough – he ensures each issue is resolved and in the rare instance that we are unable to fix it on the phone, he sent a replacement and had us ship our unit back to LIVI. Every encounter with him has been outstanding. My staff have talked with others at LIVI customer support and they report the same experience. I cannot say enough good things about your product, company, and team. LIVI has made a huge difference in our medication management practices. I greatly appreciate the attention you have given us and am grateful for your partnership!

Carrie S. Price, CSW - CCC Program Director
Lexington, Kentucky
September 26, 2019
Livi took the pressure off me

I have had the pleasure of operating two Livi's in our family, They took the pressure off of me, I was alerted when they took their medications when they missed taking their medication and alerted when the the pill containers were low and need to be refilled ( no pill trays that took me an hour to fill every month, in most cases (depending on the size of the pills), just dump a 90 day supply in the pill container and you were done). Our caregiver loved the Livi, she was alerted at the time pills were to be dispensed and all she had to do was push the button, the right pills were dispensed for Am or Pm. As with all mechanical devices there are times they decide they don't want to work as designed. When I had a problem, the livi staff was right there to help me.

Joe Willer
September 15, 2019